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Debut Release- Heliosphere
Debut Release- Heliosphere

Debut Release- Heliosphere

ABSTRXN is pleased to announce the release of their debut album: Heliosphere.

ALL PROCEEDS from the sales and streaming of this record will be donated to Humane Indiana, Northwest Indiana’s premier animal shelter. Both members of ABSTRXN have rescued beloved pets from this shelter, and hope you can help us give back.

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Each of the songs on this record began life as analog synth based performances, written and sequenced outside a computer/daw. These works were recorded into the computer, and additional production and overdubs were added. At their heart, they are live performances, capturing different moments in time.


  • All songs written and performed by ABSTRXN
  • Produced by Joshua Lopatin and Nick Wlos
  • Mixed and mastered by Joshua Lopatin
  • Artwork designed by Joshua Lopatin based on the photographic works of Chris Annen (used with permission).


During its creation, the record morphed into a concept album. Follow along with the story below:

Heliosphere– The traveler goes on an existential journey through the vastness of space.

Ghost of Jupiter- The traveler learns of extraterrestrial life through engineered biology in lieu of close encounter. The awe is met with collective humility.

Solar Rays- The traveler increases shield strength to protect from radiation from a nearby star. Even at full shield strength, the cosmic energy leaks through.

Martian Sands- The traveler relies on the gravity of a planet to increase thrust. While slingshotting around the red sphere, the traveler receives a transmission from the surface. The language is unknown, but the voices sound triumphant.

Io- The traveler is faced with a crisis of consciousness. The traveler needs to connect galactic civilizations, sacrificing self. The traveler transcends the next plane and converts anxious energy to creative energy.

Orions Belt- The traveler escapes the stress and gravity of initial thrust and cruises to moderate speed. The traveler cannot make earthly connections to the beauty of space and clings to terrestrial vocabulary. The cinematic experience lowers the traveler’s body temperature.

Song for Aim- While drifting to the edge of the solar system, the traveler’s heart aches for his true love left on his home planet. The beauty of the cosmos is no match.

Dwarf Star- The traveler is struggling to ease the anxiety of approach. The traveler is both terrified and in bliss at the sight of an array of gravity centers.

Kuiper Belt- Even after confirmation of extraterrestrial life, the vastness of space overwhelms the traveler. The existential dreariness is realized upon the entropy of his systems.

Deep Space- The traveler becomes one with the universe as he embraces they are one and the same. Transcendence is the purpose of life—the traveler now understands.

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